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Official 4" complete rain gauge - Subsidized price to volunteer of $30 + shipping and taxes

Official 4" complete rain & snow gauge - Subsidized price to volunteer of $40 + shipping and taxes

What is a snow gauge?

A rain and snow gauge includes a second outer cylinder which helps with snow measurements and allows you to swap it with the outer cylinder mounted outside that has snow accumulation so you can bring it inside to melt or weigh and do not have to go back outside. This way, if it is snowing at the time of your measurement in the morning you wont miss any accumulation for your following days report!

Also, the second outer cylinder can be used to take snow core measurements on your snow board next to the gauge.

To learn more about snow reporting, please visit:

In Depth Snow Measuring PDF

Alternatively, similar gauges can be purchased from the following sites:

WeatherYourWay (U.S)

LeeValleyTools (CAD)