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CoCoRaHS Replacement Inner Cylinder

rain gauge

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Item No: #CCR-CA-104


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Product Details

Measuring Tube for Rain/Snow Collector Please contact us if you are a registered CoCoRaHS Canada Volunteer
before you order any replacement part


  • Collects and measures all precipitation types
  • Easy to install and read
  • Graduated to nearest inch with .01"/0.1 mm intervals
  • Funnel top catches rain and delivers it to one-inch (25.4 mm) measuring tube (lets you instantly measure commonly occurring amounts of rain)
  • No metal parts to rust
  • Easy to clean design
  • Constructed of heavy-duty, UV resistant polycarbonate that won't fade even after years in the sun
  • Easy to read measurement increments of 1/100 of an inch or 0.1 mm
  • The Inner measuring tube has a capacity of 1.00" or 25.4 mm.